Feeling Over Distracted

Distraction is something which I easily fall for. Seriously, I am having real problems with distractions these days. My mind wanders here and there and I really am finding it difficult to concentrate on one single thing. In the whole process I have started so many things to do around me that I really don’t know where I am heading with all this “distracted mode” of mine.

It has not been the very first time that I have faced this trouble. There have been days and there have been times when I went through this whole process of distraction. Today I am feeling the same as well. I am sure many of you can also relate with me and most probably you were distracted from your work also and you have ended up on my blog…:)

Anyways jokes apart today I will really try to look into what this whole distraction thing is all about. Not only why it is me but also why other people get these frequent “being distracted” modes.
 The very first thing which comes to my mind is boredom. Being bored from one thing is something that really is the main cause of distractions. When you are not interested in doing something or if you are tired or bored from some work you feel like paying your attention somewhere else, something that will make you feel lighter in your head or something that may freshen you up. So boredom is probably is the number one cause of distraction.

Secondly there are all these new technologies which easily distract you. From your iphones, ipods to all the activities of online world that appear much entertaining than the work you do. You can’t help to stay away from telling everyone on facebook or twitter that what’s going on in your mind or how you feel about the weather etc. You can’t even avoid playing online games or even the news that you normally don’t pay much heed to look so interesting and captivating at the hours when you are supposed to be working on something. If you keep on noticing you will get hundreds of examples in your day that can distract you or move your concentration away from your work.

All in all these distractions are kind of frustrating. The most difficult thing is that when you try to get back to whatever you were doing, it takes almost thirty minutes to gather back the same amount of focus you were doing the work earlier. Not only this, there is another downside to these distractions. You forget the good ideas that usually pop up in your mind at one time but thanks to the itsy bitsy distractions you tend to forget what you were thinking about before. This indeed can be very maddening at times.

However what I believe is that dealing with distractions is not so difficult. All you require is to develop a skill of staying focused. You have to manage whatever you focus on and not let your mind wander here and there. Try your best possible self to find interest in your work. Try to stay relaxed and concentrate on the task at hand. Organize yourself, and try to complete one thing first and then move on to other work. Also fixing a certain relaxation time helps. An hour or some minutes can be allocated when you can relax and lighten yourself up by doing all the activities which you normally find attractive or interesting while doing a certain work.

Hope you and me can block out these ever arising moments of distractions, handle interruptions and will be able to concentrate well on the tasks ahead.