The little kid who showed up an evening before at my home’s door for some charity left me wondering and thinking about so many things in our lives. I have seen many other people coming up to beg or ask for charity money but I don’t know why, that kid was someone I think I will ever forget. There was something in his eyes, his facial expressions truly showed the vivid worry that was all over his face. His body movements clearly reflected the stress he was carrying in  his mind.He appeared very much burdened from the weight of so much going on in his mind.

To someone living in a country where poverty and deprivation prevails, it might be a regular scene. For me too there was nothing new as we often get people who come over to ask for charity. But I really don’t know why that silent kid left me perturbed and tearful with a prayer coming deep down from my heart that whatever the problems he had should be resolved soon. 

That kid made me think about what is his fault in this whole wide world? Why he is the sufferer in the world of filthy rich people. Can’t those people realize that they owe a certain amount of duty towards those who are less privileged than them? A country where the upper strata’s of the society are enjoying full whole meals and eat many times a day, where they can spend on  whatever and whenever on the most expensive of the things. Then what is the fault of this little kid and many others like him who are roaming around the streets asking people for money or even earning a meagre amount at the age where they should be studying in schools or playing in a care free life style. Why those kids have been put through so much trouble? I really don’t know where the whole fault lies.

However, what I know is that these kids are not responsible for the situations they have been put in. Rather it is the elders around them, the administrative leaders who are just busy in filling up their own pockets and materializing the most corrupt ideas to grab even a single cent from wherever they can get. The fault to me lies in those minds who have just closed their eyes towards the miseries of the people who are not at all doing anything practical to resolve the poverty issues around them. They have completely forgotten that there are other people who owe the equal rights of life which they are enjoying. Then why they are taking the little amount of little food form their mouths leaving them so miserable and stressed at the hands of poverty.

The less privileged people are not asking for anything extraordinary. All they want is a better way of living where they can feed their own children with total peace and no threat of poverty existing around them. It is not the duty of the little kids to fill up the void which their elders are creating and are busy playing in the hands of greed. It is the responsibility that lies with the so called respectable influential people. They are the ones, who really have to focus their attention on the miseries and the deprivation of the people.

All I can only wish and pray that those who are responsible for all the chaos in the lives of the poor should realize their obligation towards them soon. It is not asking for too much, just a life of peace and satisfaction which is their fundamental right!!!


“Oh I hate Facebook”

"Oh Facebook is such a distraction”

“I don’t know but Facebook takes up much of my time”

“I am addicted to Facebook”

Yes, all these are the words which people use in real life just to let you know how much they like or dislike the very popular social networking website on this World Wide Web….

Countless people, I repeat countless people are totally living the life of a Facebook age. Where every single hour ,every single minute, rather seconds you will see someone updating their Facebook status or even talking about it in one way or another. Many people term such attitude as a complete mania, as something that is not much appreciated by many but at the same time there are many others who absolutely find this much use of a social network as something they adore and love to do. 

The most amazing thing to note is that numerous people have turned into Facebook addicts. According to some statistics there are 20 percent of people who even check what is going on Facebook even in their bed. So this can give a vivid example of something that has really turned over time into some kind of mania. 

My view regarding this so called Facebook love is that we really need to keep a balance between things. This in fact is my philosophy about almost all the things and issues we had to deal with in life and I find no harm in saying proudly that Facebook is one of them. There is nothing wrong in using Facebook as I have observed many people being argumentative about the issue. In my view, the best way is to use it when you are free enough for such  activity and you can avail free time without any hesitation or being guilty conscious. However if you are not free, you have got loads of work to do on your hands then trust me using Facebook in such conditions is not a bright idea. Yeah, you can peek in for a little while if you want to relax your nerves. But totally being glued to Facebook is not a brilliant thought at all.

There is a fine line in finding how to balance out the advantages of the most renowned social networking site. Those who totally ignore the idea of being on Facebook and those who are entirely in love with it have to really concentrate on the point that it can be disruptive or positive if you allow it to be. Let it be a mania that leads to fun and not condemnation.

Feeling Over Distracted

Distraction is something which I easily fall for. Seriously, I am having real problems with distractions these days. My mind wanders here and there and I really am finding it difficult to concentrate on one single thing. In the whole process I have started so many things to do around me that I really don’t know where I am heading with all this “distracted mode” of mine.

It has not been the very first time that I have faced this trouble. There have been days and there have been times when I went through this whole process of distraction. Today I am feeling the same as well. I am sure many of you can also relate with me and most probably you were distracted from your work also and you have ended up on my blog…:)

Anyways jokes apart today I will really try to look into what this whole distraction thing is all about. Not only why it is me but also why other people get these frequent “being distracted” modes.
 The very first thing which comes to my mind is boredom. Being bored from one thing is something that really is the main cause of distractions. When you are not interested in doing something or if you are tired or bored from some work you feel like paying your attention somewhere else, something that will make you feel lighter in your head or something that may freshen you up. So boredom is probably is the number one cause of distraction.

Secondly there are all these new technologies which easily distract you. From your iphones, ipods to all the activities of online world that appear much entertaining than the work you do. You can’t help to stay away from telling everyone on facebook or twitter that what’s going on in your mind or how you feel about the weather etc. You can’t even avoid playing online games or even the news that you normally don’t pay much heed to look so interesting and captivating at the hours when you are supposed to be working on something. If you keep on noticing you will get hundreds of examples in your day that can distract you or move your concentration away from your work.

All in all these distractions are kind of frustrating. The most difficult thing is that when you try to get back to whatever you were doing, it takes almost thirty minutes to gather back the same amount of focus you were doing the work earlier. Not only this, there is another downside to these distractions. You forget the good ideas that usually pop up in your mind at one time but thanks to the itsy bitsy distractions you tend to forget what you were thinking about before. This indeed can be very maddening at times.

However what I believe is that dealing with distractions is not so difficult. All you require is to develop a skill of staying focused. You have to manage whatever you focus on and not let your mind wander here and there. Try your best possible self to find interest in your work. Try to stay relaxed and concentrate on the task at hand. Organize yourself, and try to complete one thing first and then move on to other work. Also fixing a certain relaxation time helps. An hour or some minutes can be allocated when you can relax and lighten yourself up by doing all the activities which you normally find attractive or interesting while doing a certain work.

Hope you and me can block out these ever arising moments of distractions, handle interruptions and will be able to concentrate well on the tasks ahead.

Looks And Brains

Today I read a very interesting quote which said,

“Lots of people complain enough about their looks, but not many complain about their brains”

A smile came to my face as few days back I was thinking on the very same note. I thought that it is not only me but there are many other people out there who also wonder over the extra concentration of our present day world on the outward appearances. These days I see many people who are always thinking of ways to groom themselves, improve their looks, and do not pay much attention to what goes on in their heads.

Now many people will say that yes the outward appearances’ are the ones which matter and they do play an important role in forming up an impression about the person or personality who comes in front of you. I will agree with them to certain extent but not wholly. I am a strong believer that the inner beauty of the mind and heart is something that is also much rather more significant. And unfortunately when I look around, I don’t find much people who struggle or even make an effort to improve their thinking processes. In fact , they really do not even try to pay much heed to what lies inside their minds and how they act or behave in certain situations or cases. 

Physical appearances do matter and I don’t deny the fact either. It is much easier to get attracted or like the ones who are blessed with good looks. At the same time it is what we think that matters equally. You might have observed that it is really very hard to carry a conversation with someone who has the looks but the moment they speak, you get a little displeased with what they say or how they behave. The thoughts are something that matter, what you think and what opinion you hold with regarding everything around is significant and not what appearances  you put up for the world to see. I really feel that it is more important what we think inside. And for me it is very disturbing to see that day by day people around are really going for appearances and not what lies truly inside the mind of a person.

It is the mind that needs to get the same importance as we give to the improvement of our physical self. We need to polish our minds which I am seeing are getting corroded. We really need to concentrate on the learning part about various things and keep on adding knowledge to the those corners of the brain which are still unattended. It is equally important to work on the improvement of our moral and ethical values .And above all we need to learn, care and, think rationally for the humanity in general. The world around us is turning bleak because of the lack of genuine improvement in our thinking’s. I believe that the tiny bit of what lies in our minds needs much improvement if we really want to make this world a beautiful place with a life that revolves around balanced and rational thinking.

Early Morning Rising Is So Difficult-I Wonder WHY?

I wonder why even sleeping all night so well, you still hate to get up early in the morning. I know this is not only my problem, but there are many people all around the world who will agree with me on this. People who also find getting up in the morning as one of the hardest tasks in their way of starting a new day.

Early morning rising is not fascinating and even gets more less charming when you hear the alarm clock ringing right in your ears and you keep on hitting that “snooze” button again and again. I myself literally abuse the privilege of having the snooze option and believe me or not, I almost take an hour to finally turn the alarm clock off. So now you get a clear idea I am also one of those many others who really don’t appreciate this wake up early thing.

The question that always comes to my mind is that what can be done with these early morning blues. What I have figured out is that the best and a very important thing to do is to sleep early. Getting enough sleep is very significant in this all early morning wake up game. Somehow for me this is a very difficult task to follow but trust me whenever I have slept early; waking up next day has not been a problem at all. This I believe is the foremost thing to do if you want to get up early feeling totally fresh, energized and ready for a new good day ahead.

The other thing which we can follow is to have a good reason to get up. People who study or have regular jobs always have to wake up at a particular time .That means they have a reason at hand and they have to get up for it no matter what. Similarly for those who do not have some regular jobs and still wish to get up early, they need to make things to do list, so that they can look ahead to something worthwhile in the day. This also reminds me of little kids, who get up early on weekend mornings to watch their favorite cartoons. This shows they have something special in their minds to do and their eagerness is something that helps them in waking up early when they could have slept more very easily.

Another tip which I have seen effective for many people is to place alarm clocks at a distance where it is out of your immediate reach. This way you can get out of bed to turn it off. You can also set your alarm clock ahead of time so that by the time you finally open your eyes you get up easily.

The last one thing, which I think is the best trick is of applying self discipline. You have to practice that and get up no matter what happens or how bad you feel while getting out of your bed at the required time. 

So getting up early cannot remain a hard task if you follow very few and easy steps mentioned above. Motivation and self discipline are the key ideas behind the early rising habit. I am sure by following these you will stop wondering like me about how hard and difficult it is to wake up early. 

Hope from now on you all will start your day well without any problems and sudden surprises of over sleeping.


 Am I the only person in the world who doesn't like pretentious people? I mean everywhere I look around I always see a bunch of people who are so much lost with their own selves. They, without even noticing themselves carry a few rather many signs of arrogance in them and above all can’t stop just bragging about the good things they have done,have met some high business tycoons or have recently got an iPad or whatever else they have something to boast of.

I mean seriously, just tell me what the fuss is all about. I hate to hear things which mention the brand instead of what the real thing is. The high and the mighty attitude is something I seriously have been a failure to appreciate much.

It is really not an easy task to stand such people who just can’t stop mentioning about all the big things they own or all the success they have achieved. It is good, definitely good to mention about the very nice things you owe or have done but only to a limit. Humbleness is also something and that is one of the top most things I often look for in a person whom I come across.

Unfortunately this “being humble” factor is really vanishing fast and I am seeing a very materialistic world with rising number of superficial, brand conscious people. Who knows maybe one day I will also be talking about brands but may God help me with that :)

But does anyone know how to deal with people like them? Well, my idea about the best way to deal with such people is to simply ignore whatever they say or however they act. I know it is not an easy task for people like me who just can’t stand such a “sing your own praise” kind of attitude but then again that is the only remedy I apply and think it as the most useful way to deal with the pretentious types.

In addition to that, one thing I am sure about is that each and every person in this world has his or her own style and attitude. Everyone behaves in their own manner and does what they think is best. Similarly the pretentious people also have their own style and they can do or say things that might appear weird to you and me. So the whole philosophy that exists behind the pretentious theory is “I am me and you are you”. What I like does not mean you will also appreciate. Everyone has the right to live in this world and express the way whatever they like. It is not necessary that we can equally admire each and every habit of the people living around us. It is all about our patience and the way we deal with the ones we don’t appreciate much. So if anyone is pretentious, just let them be and change the way you behave or act. Probably this is the best policy you have to adopt towards people who you don’t admire. Just live and let live!!!!

Horoscope Readings - Do they help?

One day I read a very funny quote somewhere which said, ‘Every horoscope should read, "Your day is already a failure, because you rely on horoscopes".

I found it really interesting and suddenly it triggered the thought that do the horoscope readings really help and are they really useful for people. I have seen many individuals who very ardently go through their daily horoscope interpretations. In fact they make it a point to sort that corner of a newspaper out where their particular star sign readings are mentioned. Or even online too they subscribe on websites which provide daily readings and also not to forget the famous social networking sites have their own applications, which people are quite eager to use.

All this observation always has left me to wonder that are the people really seriously following their astrological readings? Well deep in my heart i have always hoped not.
 I am not saying or denying the usefulness of the horoscope readings at all. I just want to know from people that do they really believe in the truthfulness of these readings and base their day’s activities according to the advices given in them. I know the horoscope readings are all about predicting your day or your future. But if we start trusting these readings then what is the point of the unknown force that is responsible for all the events in our life. Do we totally deny the power and depend on the calculations of our star or the movements of the planets. Or is it something else related to the insecurities in our lives..

Whatever the cause is, checking and reading your daily, weekly or monthly predictions is fun but then again it is not a good idea to take them seriously. Unfortunately many people do. And that is what I won’t ever appreciate. For the fun sake, yeah the readings are good but for really acting to the advices mentioned in them, I won’t give it a thought. Just because I don’t believe in that your future can be predicted by anyone, and no one is aware of what is in store for you ahead even in the very next minute.

The day by day increase in people relying on all these readings is worrisome for me and I think I will continue wondering and thinking about “just why” like this forever and ever as this horoscope reading and following mania doesn’t seem to end anywhere soon .But then again everybody is entitled to their opinion and so am I.
My reader, I wish you a good day!!!!