Not a winter fan

There are many people who absolutely love winter days, who especially wait for the season and are always looking forward to it. My case, however is a bit different. I am absolutely not a big winter fan,rather not even a fan at all.I have never appreciated winters.Not because i have some personal enmity with the season but because i don't like the dark,gloomy effect that sticks to everything all around the season.

For me its a lazy season.A time when even moving from one chair to another is a scary idea. Not to forget those early morning wake up hours where you don't want to get out of your bed and feel like lying there forever enjoying the warmth and the coziness.I absolutely don't enjoy that moment of realization that i have to leave my bed and start the day.

Not only this staying indoors is also not very pleasant for me.Winters really make you stick to one place and you can't go out freely and so easily without piling yourself up with many many layers of clothes. I even don't like closed doors and windows and always ensuring the cold doesn't get in your house.Even a slight feeling of cool breeze in your home is something i am not ready to think about.The bottom line is i don't like this "keep the cold out" exercise.

Talking about the layers of clothes you have to put on for your protection.It is like arresting your own self  Even with all the extra precautionary measures, my hands and feet will still remain cold and i won't get a moment of being totally comfortable.

BUT the biggest reason that really bothers me about winters is the dark,depressing days.I SERIOUSLY hate it.You really become so lethargic and can't think of doing any work. Your over all mood effect is so low that everything around you looks so boring and lazy.This gloominess perhaps makes me hate winter to infinity.

However, i better give the devil its credit where it is due.There are some things about winter which in my hearts of hearts i look forward to. From the nice, warm cups of tea or coffee at anytime of the day, to the dry fruits especially the eating peanuts sessions, chit chatting with your family is something i always have enjoyed  and loved.
I am looking ahead to a good,happy and relaxing winter season and hope that others around me too will get the best of the best out of it.

To cry or not to cry that is the question!!

A TV show host yesterday claimed that crying is good for you.That really clicked my somehow usually over active senses and I started pondering over the claim, ultimately ending up thinking that she was rightly saying so..

Why I thought like that is another question but it is pretty obvious that being gloomy, sad, or depressed is very important part of our lives and crying is a basic human emotion.Tears naturally come and that too whenever you are disappointed or dejected at something.Its just a emotional release when you really don't know how to deal with your inner frustrations and gloom.

Not only this, I noticed another significant aspect also.We all must have seen that whenever you get all teary eyed, you get a chance to explore and talk to your inner self.You get to know yourself more and at that time you also realize ceratin things which you haven't been focussing on before.For many, crying helps them to sort things out.They come to know what they exactly desire for or what is the particular bothering point for them.The pain and the pressure moments really make you learn something and make things all clear for you.

However, one thing which must be considered and not at all to be ignored is that there is a difference between a normal, natural crying than being purely depressive.No one can term a pure depressing state as healthy or normal.

So the bottom line is that crying is not a weakness but is a way of  healthy emotional catharsis. It is admirable to be strong but whenever you feel like shedding some tears, just do so and not think about,

"'to cry or not to cry.... "


The other day I was just wondering why people and societies in general have started to show a very low level of tolerance.Wherever I see and wherever I go,whether I pick up a newspaper,watch TV or even open up some website ,the overall attitude of people seems to be very aggressive.Just giving you a small example that yesterday I was browsing through an online forum and what I seriously noted was the general comments of the people posting there.Not only they were very abusive but many of them were very discouraging as well
Going through such thing , I literally thought to myself that what has gone wrong with people these days.True that most of the individuals around me say that certain factors are a contributing sources to such an attitude.They believe that factors like overall poor financial status,the growing ethnocentric notions that we are somewhat lower and falling behind others or even at more personal levels,people have problems with their relationships with family, and others.
But to me, attitude is something which is in our control.Many people are grown up and rational enough to differentiate between what is right and wrong.They should be knowing how to behave in certain situations and deal with others and not let their personal issues take over them so much so that they completely forget about their own reactions.I am not totally denying that disturbing factors do not affect one's behavior but I find it much appreciable that people should keep their personal problems to themselves and learn how to deal with others in a good way with tolerance and patience.


"Hope is a good thing,maybe the best of things and no good thing dies everyday"

The other day this quote from the movie "Shawshank Redemption" made me ponder over the word HOPE.

What is hope and how much significant role it has to play in our lives? Not only the role rather for many it also has a very profound effect in what is it??

To all of us hope, is an emotional state,a feeling that makes you expect that your future must have some positive outcome or whatever you are desiring for will come out as the best for you.Deep down in our psyche this "hope" exists, placing us on the path of anticipation about all the best things which we look forward to.
It won't be wrong to say that its a kind of shinning light,a belief that keeps the dark gloomy feeling at bay.It is something that makes us rise when we are down.

In all circumstances of life,whether up or down staying optimistic is always a very good and a positive thing.Those who let their negative emotions take the upper hand,survival for them becomes very difficult.The stress and anxiety they face often becomes unbearable.To deal with such situation one must not allow the negative feelings to take over but try keep the flame of hope alive.As hope is definitely something that makes our existence easier and we must not loose it in any case possible.As a beautiful quote puts the whole concept of hope as,

"Hope is patience with a lamp lit".

Therefore one must try to push away the hours of desperation and with a optimistic approach walk down the path of life.I am sure like all other good things,hope is the one that ultimately survives and must survive.

Writing relieves stress

Writing is an art .It is in fact a way to express and vent out your feelings,ideas, and notions.This all can be based in the form of your creativity,experiences,everything you do or everything you come across in your daily life.Writing becomes one of the important ways to show and tell the world what you have felt and gone through.

Much debate has been going around the idea that writing is a way of relieving your stress.Many people now a days are in fact turning towards writing as a way of their catharsis. If we look around and observe that day by day the numbers of writers is increasing.From newspapers to journals, from magazines to online blogs, we notice a quick rise of people who have started to use writing as a way to give expression to their thoughts.

Truthfully speaking , writing brings clarity to your thoughts. It really helps in allowing you to understand your feelings and gives you much room for analysis of not only yourself but also about others around you. The life in general has taken up a very fast pace over a past number of years.Now people don't have much time to share,talk, meet each other or even spend quality time with friends.This has definitely resulted in the increase of  the element of loneliness in lives and is in fact has turned a bit bothersome for many.

The deal with the "lonely feeling" many people have decided to take up the skill of writing that surely helps them to deal with loneliness, depression,stress, and anxiety. It is also true that many people consider they can't write or treat it as something which is beyond their grip to handle.But in reality everyone can jot down their thoughts and it is a skill which everyone is born with. All it is needed to do is to get a pen,pencil and a paper.It is not necessary at all that a person should become a big writer or start an online blog just to tell out the whole world about his or her feelings.In fact, a person can write in private without anyone getting the hint .For instance the daily diaries or journals.All you have to do is to write about your daily life or whatever you feel or even something about which you are happy or upset about.This activity not only brings relief to the nerves but also gives you the feeling  of sharing your thoughts with someone or even as if you have talked to a friend about it.

 All in all,writing is definitely a way to vent out your feelings and thoughts.It can serve as a useful therapy that can reduce your stress levels and make you feel great about yourself. Undoubtedly writing is the key for maintaining a healthy emotional balance and eliminating stress and anxiety from your lives.