."With faith, there are no questions; without faith, there are no answers!!"

Few days ago i came across this very fine quote.I don't know why it attracted me so much but the thing that struck me is that it explains in just few words a lot of thinking I have been doing so in my past few days!!
True that there are ups and downs in the life of every individual.There are times when you get real disappointed and there are phases when you feel so overwhelmed with joy. Disappointed because lots of your wishes and desires remained unfulfilled in one way or another.And joyful because whatever you wished,hoped, and planned for you get it directly landing in your lap.

Few are those fortunate who get whatever they ask for in their lives without going through much hard work or maybe one can say they were real lucky ones who didn't do much but received everything so easily.
But there are people who, how hard they may try,they somehow don't receive the gifts and joys they hope for. Its a fact which one cannot deny that it is a part of a human life...some people are very lucky while some are not...but the question that really comes to mind is that what is the motivational force that inspires few so much that they can go to the great heights. At this point comes the faith or trust which you may call it.
I have seen many people who having strong faith in their abilities ,strive to achieve whatever the goals they have planned for themselves in their lives.No matter what happens,how many problems,difficulties, and hurdles they come across they tend to achieve so much just only because they have or had faith.
On the contrary there have been people who despite being so talented ,lacking faith in their abilities don't tend to get what they have set their eyes on.So this is how much a trust factor is important.
 There is also another form of faith which I would like to concentrate more on and for that perhaps I have suddenly started to write my first ever blog.  That form of faith which I have in mind is the confidence in God. A faith,a trust that there is someone who cannot think of doing any harm to you,who will do whatever is best for you and cannot make you run in the wrong lane of your life,instead HE will guide you in the best possible way and take you there which is suitable for you in the long run. With this kind of optimism I am sure not many people can question about the  why's ,when,where's and how's....

I have been observing many people including my friends who feel so pessimistic with all the bad phases going on in their lives. To me it is because they are not so much trusting in the unknown force out there.For them it is my message that please don't question what God has destined for you.Just trust His plans,wait and see, don't question and just trust your good hopes not your fears. With this attitude you will see how you can easily steer out of the troubles and bad phases you go through your lives.This is my sincere message to everyone who is just not in the best of their self !!!