The little kid who showed up an evening before at my home’s door for some charity left me wondering and thinking about so many things in our lives. I have seen many other people coming up to beg or ask for charity money but I don’t know why, that kid was someone I think I will ever forget. There was something in his eyes, his facial expressions truly showed the vivid worry that was all over his face. His body movements clearly reflected the stress he was carrying in  his mind.He appeared very much burdened from the weight of so much going on in his mind.

To someone living in a country where poverty and deprivation prevails, it might be a regular scene. For me too there was nothing new as we often get people who come over to ask for charity. But I really don’t know why that silent kid left me perturbed and tearful with a prayer coming deep down from my heart that whatever the problems he had should be resolved soon. 

That kid made me think about what is his fault in this whole wide world? Why he is the sufferer in the world of filthy rich people. Can’t those people realize that they owe a certain amount of duty towards those who are less privileged than them? A country where the upper strata’s of the society are enjoying full whole meals and eat many times a day, where they can spend on  whatever and whenever on the most expensive of the things. Then what is the fault of this little kid and many others like him who are roaming around the streets asking people for money or even earning a meagre amount at the age where they should be studying in schools or playing in a care free life style. Why those kids have been put through so much trouble? I really don’t know where the whole fault lies.

However, what I know is that these kids are not responsible for the situations they have been put in. Rather it is the elders around them, the administrative leaders who are just busy in filling up their own pockets and materializing the most corrupt ideas to grab even a single cent from wherever they can get. The fault to me lies in those minds who have just closed their eyes towards the miseries of the people who are not at all doing anything practical to resolve the poverty issues around them. They have completely forgotten that there are other people who owe the equal rights of life which they are enjoying. Then why they are taking the little amount of little food form their mouths leaving them so miserable and stressed at the hands of poverty.

The less privileged people are not asking for anything extraordinary. All they want is a better way of living where they can feed their own children with total peace and no threat of poverty existing around them. It is not the duty of the little kids to fill up the void which their elders are creating and are busy playing in the hands of greed. It is the responsibility that lies with the so called respectable influential people. They are the ones, who really have to focus their attention on the miseries and the deprivation of the people.

All I can only wish and pray that those who are responsible for all the chaos in the lives of the poor should realize their obligation towards them soon. It is not asking for too much, just a life of peace and satisfaction which is their fundamental right!!!

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