“Oh I hate Facebook”

"Oh Facebook is such a distraction”

“I don’t know but Facebook takes up much of my time”

“I am addicted to Facebook”

Yes, all these are the words which people use in real life just to let you know how much they like or dislike the very popular social networking website on this World Wide Web….

Countless people, I repeat countless people are totally living the life of a Facebook age. Where every single hour ,every single minute, rather seconds you will see someone updating their Facebook status or even talking about it in one way or another. Many people term such attitude as a complete mania, as something that is not much appreciated by many but at the same time there are many others who absolutely find this much use of a social network as something they adore and love to do. 

The most amazing thing to note is that numerous people have turned into Facebook addicts. According to some statistics there are 20 percent of people who even check what is going on Facebook even in their bed. So this can give a vivid example of something that has really turned over time into some kind of mania. 

My view regarding this so called Facebook love is that we really need to keep a balance between things. This in fact is my philosophy about almost all the things and issues we had to deal with in life and I find no harm in saying proudly that Facebook is one of them. There is nothing wrong in using Facebook as I have observed many people being argumentative about the issue. In my view, the best way is to use it when you are free enough for such  activity and you can avail free time without any hesitation or being guilty conscious. However if you are not free, you have got loads of work to do on your hands then trust me using Facebook in such conditions is not a bright idea. Yeah, you can peek in for a little while if you want to relax your nerves. But totally being glued to Facebook is not a brilliant thought at all.

There is a fine line in finding how to balance out the advantages of the most renowned social networking site. Those who totally ignore the idea of being on Facebook and those who are entirely in love with it have to really concentrate on the point that it can be disruptive or positive if you allow it to be. Let it be a mania that leads to fun and not condemnation.

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