How to Do Nothing ?

Doing nothing is also an art rather a difficult one. Many people who are workaholics don’t even have the slightest idea about the pleasures that can be derived from this art. This blog post is actually about them who are totally unaware of the beauty and the happy feeling they can get from doing nothing.
 We see many people around who are very much dedicated to their work, always trying to keep themselves busy and not even focusing on the relaxation part .I am not saying that being a workaholic is bad or staying busy is not appreciable. But for once in a while one must try to focus on relaxing our nerves a bit. For that taking a personal time for our selves, freeing our minds, breaking free from the regular routine, liberating ourselves from the worries and not placing our focus much on the work and things related to work is significant.
Now the point is what are the things that can be done to enjoy the free time when doing nothing?
First of all we need to plan ahead and fix a day once a week or a month where all meetings, appointments need to be cancelled so that no point of work stays on our mind. Freeing our brains from the work worries is a must thing to do.   

The second best thing we have to do is to find a place where we can get some peace and there is no disturbance around. Either we can choose to sleep for long hours, which I am sure many people mostly love to do when they want to relax. Or we can go to some quiet place, visit outside maybe like a park. Sitting by our self, relaxing watching birds, plants and tress really helps to free the mind. A real refreshing feeling overcomes you at the end.

Indulging in our favorite activities like reading a book, watching movies or anything which we think can give us some great moments of relaxation is also good. 

How to do nothing s not a difficult thing at all. There is nothing like a feeling which we get from doing nothing sometimes. All we need to do is to choose a little time for ourselves without worrying and fretting about the stress and anxieties of our works. We have to remember that a relaxed mind has much potential to work way better than the one which is constantly filled with pressures from work. My all the best wish for all those who are looking forward to do nothing once in a while!!!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful idea. I have adopted it in my personal development presentation. It is important to sometimes stop and do nothing. Just to realize your perfect being. thanks again.

  2. Thank you Jaky Astik...i am glad that you liked the idea and yes for your personal development sometimes doing nothing is also important and getting the pleasure of relaxation is something to look forward to :)