Cleaning up your room……why cleaning a room is difficult ?

One of the most difficult and boring things which I perceive is to make myself clean my room. Perhaps, since day one I am not a great admirer of this task and I absolutely don’t find myself quite motivated most of the times to do this either. But still for how long you can escape from this very boring thing in this world, well…….. I have no clue!!

Seriously speaking I always find it very difficult to place my things in a very neat manner. Its not that I am a total mess but still I would like to be far more better in tidying things up. It’s a huge job and I am sure many of you will also agree with me that cleaning your room is something that is not very interesting most of the times.

But I guess, like every problem has a solution and every trouble has a way out, how to clean your room also has its own solutions  Most probably what I think that cleaning a room only becomes difficult because of your lack of motivation. I find this lacking in my case. Now the question is how to let that motivating factor get going. Perhaps we need to look forward to our favorite things to do first which we can use while cleaning up and that can help in not boring us out.

I will prefer myself  listening to music to be a first choice. Putting some good music at background can be very entertaining and can also fill you up with that extra energy which I don’t know pops out from where.

Next, let the fresh air in. Opening up curtains, the doors, or the windows make you feel renewed and fresh. I  find the fresh light and air always help boosting up your energy. So this trick can also be applied to avoid all the excuses of not getting down to cleaning.

Following the above very basic, important steps can help a lot and can make the uphill task easier for us. I will be following them in cleaning my room at least, as it always has seemed like a battle to conquer.Wish me luck and my best wishes stay with you too all!!!