Horoscope Readings - Do they help?

One day I read a very funny quote somewhere which said, ‘Every horoscope should read, "Your day is already a failure, because you rely on horoscopes".

I found it really interesting and suddenly it triggered the thought that do the horoscope readings really help and are they really useful for people. I have seen many individuals who very ardently go through their daily horoscope interpretations. In fact they make it a point to sort that corner of a newspaper out where their particular star sign readings are mentioned. Or even online too they subscribe on websites which provide daily readings and also not to forget the famous social networking sites have their own applications, which people are quite eager to use.

All this observation always has left me to wonder that are the people really seriously following their astrological readings? Well deep in my heart i have always hoped not.
 I am not saying or denying the usefulness of the horoscope readings at all. I just want to know from people that do they really believe in the truthfulness of these readings and base their day’s activities according to the advices given in them. I know the horoscope readings are all about predicting your day or your future. But if we start trusting these readings then what is the point of the unknown force that is responsible for all the events in our life. Do we totally deny the power and depend on the calculations of our star or the movements of the planets. Or is it something else related to the insecurities in our lives..

Whatever the cause is, checking and reading your daily, weekly or monthly predictions is fun but then again it is not a good idea to take them seriously. Unfortunately many people do. And that is what I won’t ever appreciate. For the fun sake, yeah the readings are good but for really acting to the advices mentioned in them, I won’t give it a thought. Just because I don’t believe in that your future can be predicted by anyone, and no one is aware of what is in store for you ahead even in the very next minute.

The day by day increase in people relying on all these readings is worrisome for me and I think I will continue wondering and thinking about “just why” like this forever and ever as this horoscope reading and following mania doesn’t seem to end anywhere soon .But then again everybody is entitled to their opinion and so am I.
My reader, I wish you a good day!!!!

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