Early Morning Rising Is So Difficult-I Wonder WHY?

I wonder why even sleeping all night so well, you still hate to get up early in the morning. I know this is not only my problem, but there are many people all around the world who will agree with me on this. People who also find getting up in the morning as one of the hardest tasks in their way of starting a new day.

Early morning rising is not fascinating and even gets more less charming when you hear the alarm clock ringing right in your ears and you keep on hitting that “snooze” button again and again. I myself literally abuse the privilege of having the snooze option and believe me or not, I almost take an hour to finally turn the alarm clock off. So now you get a clear idea I am also one of those many others who really don’t appreciate this wake up early thing.

The question that always comes to my mind is that what can be done with these early morning blues. What I have figured out is that the best and a very important thing to do is to sleep early. Getting enough sleep is very significant in this all early morning wake up game. Somehow for me this is a very difficult task to follow but trust me whenever I have slept early; waking up next day has not been a problem at all. This I believe is the foremost thing to do if you want to get up early feeling totally fresh, energized and ready for a new good day ahead.

The other thing which we can follow is to have a good reason to get up. People who study or have regular jobs always have to wake up at a particular time .That means they have a reason at hand and they have to get up for it no matter what. Similarly for those who do not have some regular jobs and still wish to get up early, they need to make things to do list, so that they can look ahead to something worthwhile in the day. This also reminds me of little kids, who get up early on weekend mornings to watch their favorite cartoons. This shows they have something special in their minds to do and their eagerness is something that helps them in waking up early when they could have slept more very easily.

Another tip which I have seen effective for many people is to place alarm clocks at a distance where it is out of your immediate reach. This way you can get out of bed to turn it off. You can also set your alarm clock ahead of time so that by the time you finally open your eyes you get up easily.

The last one thing, which I think is the best trick is of applying self discipline. You have to practice that and get up no matter what happens or how bad you feel while getting out of your bed at the required time. 

So getting up early cannot remain a hard task if you follow very few and easy steps mentioned above. Motivation and self discipline are the key ideas behind the early rising habit. I am sure by following these you will stop wondering like me about how hard and difficult it is to wake up early. 

Hope from now on you all will start your day well without any problems and sudden surprises of over sleeping.

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