Looks And Brains

Today I read a very interesting quote which said,

“Lots of people complain enough about their looks, but not many complain about their brains”

A smile came to my face as few days back I was thinking on the very same note. I thought that it is not only me but there are many other people out there who also wonder over the extra concentration of our present day world on the outward appearances. These days I see many people who are always thinking of ways to groom themselves, improve their looks, and do not pay much attention to what goes on in their heads.

Now many people will say that yes the outward appearances’ are the ones which matter and they do play an important role in forming up an impression about the person or personality who comes in front of you. I will agree with them to certain extent but not wholly. I am a strong believer that the inner beauty of the mind and heart is something that is also much rather more significant. And unfortunately when I look around, I don’t find much people who struggle or even make an effort to improve their thinking processes. In fact , they really do not even try to pay much heed to what lies inside their minds and how they act or behave in certain situations or cases. 

Physical appearances do matter and I don’t deny the fact either. It is much easier to get attracted or like the ones who are blessed with good looks. At the same time it is what we think that matters equally. You might have observed that it is really very hard to carry a conversation with someone who has the looks but the moment they speak, you get a little displeased with what they say or how they behave. The thoughts are something that matter, what you think and what opinion you hold with regarding everything around is significant and not what appearances  you put up for the world to see. I really feel that it is more important what we think inside. And for me it is very disturbing to see that day by day people around are really going for appearances and not what lies truly inside the mind of a person.

It is the mind that needs to get the same importance as we give to the improvement of our physical self. We need to polish our minds which I am seeing are getting corroded. We really need to concentrate on the learning part about various things and keep on adding knowledge to the those corners of the brain which are still unattended. It is equally important to work on the improvement of our moral and ethical values .And above all we need to learn, care and, think rationally for the humanity in general. The world around us is turning bleak because of the lack of genuine improvement in our thinking’s. I believe that the tiny bit of what lies in our minds needs much improvement if we really want to make this world a beautiful place with a life that revolves around balanced and rational thinking.

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