Am I the only person in the world who doesn't like pretentious people? I mean everywhere I look around I always see a bunch of people who are so much lost with their own selves. They, without even noticing themselves carry a few rather many signs of arrogance in them and above all can’t stop just bragging about the good things they have done,have met some high business tycoons or have recently got an iPad or whatever else they have something to boast of.

I mean seriously, just tell me what the fuss is all about. I hate to hear things which mention the brand instead of what the real thing is. The high and the mighty attitude is something I seriously have been a failure to appreciate much.

It is really not an easy task to stand such people who just can’t stop mentioning about all the big things they own or all the success they have achieved. It is good, definitely good to mention about the very nice things you owe or have done but only to a limit. Humbleness is also something and that is one of the top most things I often look for in a person whom I come across.

Unfortunately this “being humble” factor is really vanishing fast and I am seeing a very materialistic world with rising number of superficial, brand conscious people. Who knows maybe one day I will also be talking about brands but may God help me with that :)

But does anyone know how to deal with people like them? Well, my idea about the best way to deal with such people is to simply ignore whatever they say or however they act. I know it is not an easy task for people like me who just can’t stand such a “sing your own praise” kind of attitude but then again that is the only remedy I apply and think it as the most useful way to deal with the pretentious types.

In addition to that, one thing I am sure about is that each and every person in this world has his or her own style and attitude. Everyone behaves in their own manner and does what they think is best. Similarly the pretentious people also have their own style and they can do or say things that might appear weird to you and me. So the whole philosophy that exists behind the pretentious theory is “I am me and you are you”. What I like does not mean you will also appreciate. Everyone has the right to live in this world and express the way whatever they like. It is not necessary that we can equally admire each and every habit of the people living around us. It is all about our patience and the way we deal with the ones we don’t appreciate much. So if anyone is pretentious, just let them be and change the way you behave or act. Probably this is the best policy you have to adopt towards people who you don’t admire. Just live and let live!!!!

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