Not a winter fan

There are many people who absolutely love winter days, who especially wait for the season and are always looking forward to it. My case, however is a bit different. I am absolutely not a big winter fan,rather not even a fan at all.I have never appreciated winters.Not because i have some personal enmity with the season but because i don't like the dark,gloomy effect that sticks to everything all around the season.

For me its a lazy season.A time when even moving from one chair to another is a scary idea. Not to forget those early morning wake up hours where you don't want to get out of your bed and feel like lying there forever enjoying the warmth and the coziness.I absolutely don't enjoy that moment of realization that i have to leave my bed and start the day.

Not only this staying indoors is also not very pleasant for me.Winters really make you stick to one place and you can't go out freely and so easily without piling yourself up with many many layers of clothes. I even don't like closed doors and windows and always ensuring the cold doesn't get in your house.Even a slight feeling of cool breeze in your home is something i am not ready to think about.The bottom line is i don't like this "keep the cold out" exercise.

Talking about the layers of clothes you have to put on for your protection.It is like arresting your own self  Even with all the extra precautionary measures, my hands and feet will still remain cold and i won't get a moment of being totally comfortable.

BUT the biggest reason that really bothers me about winters is the dark,depressing days.I SERIOUSLY hate it.You really become so lethargic and can't think of doing any work. Your over all mood effect is so low that everything around you looks so boring and lazy.This gloominess perhaps makes me hate winter to infinity.

However, i better give the devil its credit where it is due.There are some things about winter which in my hearts of hearts i look forward to. From the nice, warm cups of tea or coffee at anytime of the day, to the dry fruits especially the eating peanuts sessions, chit chatting with your family is something i always have enjoyed  and loved.
I am looking ahead to a good,happy and relaxing winter season and hope that others around me too will get the best of the best out of it.