"Hope is a good thing,maybe the best of things and no good thing dies everyday"

The other day this quote from the movie "Shawshank Redemption" made me ponder over the word HOPE.

What is hope and how much significant role it has to play in our lives? Not only the role rather for many it also has a very profound effect in lives...so what is it??

To all of us hope, is an emotional state,a feeling that makes you expect that your future must have some positive outcome or whatever you are desiring for will come out as the best for you.Deep down in our psyche this "hope" exists, placing us on the path of anticipation about all the best things which we look forward to.
It won't be wrong to say that its a kind of shinning light,a belief that keeps the dark gloomy feeling at bay.It is something that makes us rise when we are down.

In all circumstances of life,whether up or down staying optimistic is always a very good and a positive thing.Those who let their negative emotions take the upper hand,survival for them becomes very difficult.The stress and anxiety they face often becomes unbearable.To deal with such situation one must not allow the negative feelings to take over but try keep the flame of hope alive.As hope is definitely something that makes our existence easier and we must not loose it in any case possible.As a beautiful quote puts the whole concept of hope as,

"Hope is patience with a lamp lit".

Therefore one must try to push away the hours of desperation and with a optimistic approach walk down the path of life.I am sure like all other good things,hope is the one that ultimately survives and must survive.