The other day I was just wondering why people and societies in general have started to show a very low level of tolerance.Wherever I see and wherever I go,whether I pick up a newspaper,watch TV or even open up some website ,the overall attitude of people seems to be very aggressive.Just giving you a small example that yesterday I was browsing through an online forum and what I seriously noted was the general comments of the people posting there.Not only they were very abusive but many of them were very discouraging as well
Going through such thing , I literally thought to myself that what has gone wrong with people these days.True that most of the individuals around me say that certain factors are a contributing sources to such an attitude.They believe that factors like overall poor financial status,the growing ethnocentric notions that we are somewhat lower and falling behind others or even at more personal levels,people have problems with their relationships with family, and others.
But to me, attitude is something which is in our control.Many people are grown up and rational enough to differentiate between what is right and wrong.They should be knowing how to behave in certain situations and deal with others and not let their personal issues take over them so much so that they completely forget about their own reactions.I am not totally denying that disturbing factors do not affect one's behavior but I find it much appreciable that people should keep their personal problems to themselves and learn how to deal with others in a good way with tolerance and patience.