To cry or not to cry that is the question!!

A TV show host yesterday claimed that crying is good for you.That really clicked my somehow usually over active senses and I started pondering over the claim, ultimately ending up thinking that she was rightly saying so..

Why I thought like that is another question but it is pretty obvious that being gloomy, sad, or depressed is very important part of our lives and crying is a basic human emotion.Tears naturally come and that too whenever you are disappointed or dejected at something.Its just a emotional release when you really don't know how to deal with your inner frustrations and gloom.

Not only this, I noticed another significant aspect also.We all must have seen that whenever you get all teary eyed, you get a chance to explore and talk to your inner self.You get to know yourself more and at that time you also realize ceratin things which you haven't been focussing on before.For many, crying helps them to sort things out.They come to know what they exactly desire for or what is the particular bothering point for them.The pain and the pressure moments really make you learn something and make things all clear for you.

However, one thing which must be considered and not at all to be ignored is that there is a difference between a normal, natural crying than being purely depressive.No one can term a pure depressing state as healthy or normal.

So the bottom line is that crying is not a weakness but is a way of  healthy emotional catharsis. It is admirable to be strong but whenever you feel like shedding some tears, just do so and not think about,

"'to cry or not to cry.... "